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The Victory gives you a simple, uncomplicated and comfortable operation and thus creates great overlock results. The Jet-AirTM Threading System developed by baby lock helps you to thread the loopers. Simply insert the looper thread into the appropriate port and press the lever.

The whoosh of air takes the threads straight into the corresponding loopers.

The Victory also saves a lot of time by eliminating the need to adjust tensions. The thread feed system (ATD) only releases as much thread length as you need for a certain stitch type. The result is precise seams at all times, regardless of the yarn type and your fabric selection.

No matter whether you work with jersey or serge difficult fabrics, you can look forward to a consistent and professional seam pattern.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Babylock Jet -Air Threading™
  • Automatic Thread Delivery System
  • Tubular Loopers
  • Looper Drive System
  • Advanced Knife Driving & One-Way Clutch System
  • Full-Featured Differential Feed