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Bernina 790 Pro

The perfect high-tech sewing, quilting and embroidery machine

This multi-purpose machine will cover all of your sewing, quilting and embroidery needs with its new advanced stitchprecision2  technology - ensuring that every project completed on this machine is perfect every time at no cost of speed as the embroidery module on the Bernina 790 Pro is even faster than before!

The bespoke Swiss engineering behind this machine allows it to not only run quickly - but softly and quietly too, up to 33% higher SDT embroidery speed is at no expense for noise. 
There are no worries for stitch precision either, as the B790 Pro also comes with a pinpointed laser which indicates a precise point of needle entry no matter what your needle's position is. 
You are able to set up your machine very quickly as this also features an automatic needle threader and an accessibly large touch screen area and button controls. 

Additional features include:

- WiFi connectivity: Connect your machine to the WiFi in your home. You can connect your machine to the Bernina Stitchout app as well and use this to upload embroidery designs directly to your machine.
- Comes complete with embroidery module

- Customisable quilt designs
- Enhanced quilt securing functions
- Customisable stiches
- 7 inch touch screen -
The touch screen allows the user to draw custom embroidery designs directly to the machine. 

- multi-function control knobs
- 4-Point Placement with Morphing
- 2-Point Placement
- Stitch regulator
- Three embroidery hoops (varying size - small, medium, large)
- Bernina accessory box
- Touch-screen pen
- Free-arm slide-on table
- 9 machine feet - Reverse Pattern Foot #1C, Reverse Pattern Foot #1D, Buttonhole Foot with Slide #3A, Zipper Foot #4D, Blindstitch Foot #5, Jeans Foot #8D, Open Embroidery Foot #20C, Embroidery Foot #26L, Sideways-Motion Foot #40C.

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