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The Moda Gradients Auras Watercolor Wave Prism 33736-11 is a Printed Cotton fabric.

Presenting the captivating Gradients Auras fabric collection, it showcases an array of vibrant watercolour fabrics designed to make a bold statement. With their vivid hues and expressive brush strokes, these fabrics span the full spectrum of colours, from various shades of pink, orange, and yellow to an extensive range of blues, greens, and even black. "Gradients Auras" offers a limitless palette of colours, allowing creators to explore a wide range of possibilities and craft visually stunning projects that burst with vibrant energy and creativity.

This quality quilting fabric can be used for patchwork fabric quilts and other various creative crafts. Its continuous length allows for tailored projects including clothing items like dresses or shirts, as well as curtains, cushions, pillows and numerous crafting projects.

Sold and priced as a 1/4m Long Length. Multiple quantities are supplied as a continuous length.

Fabric Information

  • Fabric Size: 44 Inch Wide
  • Material Type: Cotton
  • Fabric Cut Type: Cut To Length
  • Fabric Range: Gradients Auras
  • Designer: Moda
  • Supplier Code: 33736-11
  • Pack Info: Sold and priced as a 1/4m Long Length. Multiple quantities supplied a continuous length.

The price for this fabric is per quarter of a metre. If the fat quarter option is selected then fabric will be sent as individual fat quarters. Otherwise it will be sent as a continuous length.

A lovely bright pink fabric adorned with colourful floral prints! 


Manufacturer: Moda 

Manufacturer Item: Fabric

Description: 100% Cotton

Type: 44"-45" Wide